With all this glorious weather, I was thinking about the importance of being able to drop everything and get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

Lovely summer sunshine

Some of the advantages of living in a park home, on a smart park home estate, with a private road, are obvious. Residents benefit from the security of having neighbours close by, but enjoy the privacy of living in a completely detached property. Other advantages, however, aren’t so evident until after you’ve settled in. These days, park homes are conveniently low maintenance. The modern steel tiled roofs are design to be maintenance free. New park homes are manufactured with plastic fascias and window frames meaning no repainting or repairing.

Considering many of our residents have downsized for lifestyle reasons, the freedom from continuous maintenance, is perfect. How better to free up the funds, energy and time for lovely UK minibreaks?

Nothing like a staycation to make you feel rested. No flights, no faffing about at the airport, no worrying about travel insurance, car hire, currency, language…

You just pile in the car, or head for the station and zip off to pastures new, for a few days. Bliss.

Beach huts in summer

July 2013

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