Over the last few months, there’s been a fair bit of excitement here, preparing to sell a couple of homes at Cavendish Park, near Camberley for the first time in years!

– – Please note: these homes both sold – –

We had two 1995 Omar Oulton’s, in very nice condition, to refurbish and redecorate, and prepare to put on the market. I was a bit more involved in the improvement scheme than usual, because I chose all the floor coverings. I always like getting involved in preparing the interiors of homes for sale. I especially enjoyed picking out the flooring for the lounge and bedroom – I love going to look at the gigantic rolls of carpet. It always reminds me slightly of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with the huge fat sausages of colour that dwarf me when I’m standing next to them.

It meant that I saw the homes before we started working on them, right the way through to the final product. They are looking so smart and fresh now, with their brand new ovens, box-fresh carpets and linos and lovely redecoration schemes all completed. I think that the location of Cavendish is one of our best. I can just picture the new resident being spoilt for choice with three really good supermarkets close by and the lovely park within walking distance. Camberley, which is a few minutes’ away, has great town centre facilities. So much so that I often go there myself, to eat out, or visit the cinema, and it’s about half an hour away from where I live!

The final hurdle, for me, was that I had to get over to Cavendish and take the photographs for the website. No big deal, right? Well, I have to admit, the weather was against me for a while, there! I kept setting aside time to go, looking out of my office window and being greeted with this:

Mobile Homes for Sale at Cavendish Park Berkshire

But, as you all know, the weather has finally picked up and I got a day which looked more like this:

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