Our house is full of questions at the moment, as you can imagine. What is Father Christmas doing now? Will he definitely remember the way to our house? Can the reindeer fly all year, or is it just on Christmas Eve? What does Father Christmas think of the men who dress up as him and pretend? Does Rudolph’s nose really actually glow, or is that bit of it, more of a story? Will the dog bark and frighten Father Christmas away, when he’s trying to get down the chimney? Do the reindeer really like carrots, or would they prefer pony nuts or dog biscuits?

Obviously I have done my best to take each question seriously, and give thorough well-thought-out answers. I did chuckle a bit when trying to respond to the question regarding the reindeers’ tastes. But the question was accompanied by a look of such innocent solemnity, that I quickly smothered it, and entered into the discussion-proper.

Whether you’re reading this, because you’re one of our residents, or because you’re interested in buying a park home in the home counties, I wish you the very best of the festive season!
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