Park Living

A park home provides an excellent option for people who are either retired or are approaching retirement and planning for a comfortable future. Park homes offer a low cost, low maintenance means of living among like-minded neighbours at a similar stage in life.

Residential park home living provides

  • A peaceful, relaxed environment
  • Safe and secure surroundings
  • A friendly community
  • Single-level accommodation equipped with all the modern features and facilities of conventional housing
  • The advantage of releasing capital so you can sit back and enjoy life’s luxuries.

Park Home Living what you need to know

Facts that might surprise you (and savings to be made)

  • There is no Stamp Duty levied on park home purchases
  • Although we recommend that professional advice is obtained, solicitors’ and surveyors’ fees can be saved

Why choose Greenford Park Homes, in particular?

  • Our parks are well presented, positioned in advantageous locations, to suit a variety of lifestyles.
  • There are good car parking facilities available on our parks.
  • Our parks are all designed as ‘cul-de-sacs’ with no through-roads, meaning that traffic is kept to a minimum.
  • A Park Manager lives on each park, giving residents a close point of contact.
  • We provide Peace of Mind, being a well-established family firm in membership of the industry’s key trade association and schemes.

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