Rural Relaxation

Rural Relaxation

There are lots of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the countryside near Blackbushe Park

The Yateley Lakes are a mile from Blackbushe Park

Yateley Lakes are fed by the River Blackwater. Both the lakes and river have a wealth of wildlife and some well-maintained paths ensuring that you can explore with ease. The river has a lovely selection of birdlife in summer and winter and there are even reports that Otter are reclaiming the River Blackwater after fifty years’ absence. A number of the lakes are highly recommended for fishing.

Typical scenes and wildlife native to the River Blackwater – there has been evidence of Otters on the Blackwater since 2005

Bramshill Forest is around 20 minutes’ drive from Blackbushe Park

It is an unusually dense woodland, with other smaller woodlands such as Paschal Wood and Queen’s Wood attached. The wooded area covers almost the whole distance between Sandhurst and Bagshot. The large section of woodland offers wonderful opportunities, rare in the home counties, to forget how close you are to London and explore in the quiet of the woods.

Basingstoke Canal is 15 minutes’ drive from Blackbushe Park but stretches for 32 miles, from Basingstoke to Woking

Woodlands near Basingstoke canal

A huge renovation project has been under way since the 1970s to improve the towpath. Miles of the canalside boasts well-drained paths that make exploring on foot or by bike really easy. There are plenty of lovely canalside pubs to break up your day, and a wealth of wildlife to discover. One of the nicest features of an outing along the canal are the footpaths stretching away from the towpath allowing you to take in bluebell woods, peaceful waters and field walks in one trip.

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